First day in Vancity

After a tumultuous year, I have arrived in Vancouver to study in UBC for Term 2. Studying abroad has always been a dream of mine, and the road was kinda complicated but I hope it is worth it.

I fell in love with Vancouver when I visited on the spring break (’16) and coming to Vancouver definitely contributed with my decision to apply for exchange in UBC.

Sunrise in the River District.

The trip MTY-HOU-YVR was long and tiring, with my flight being rescheduled for a later time, I left my house (and Watson 😦 ) at 9:30 am (CT) , and arrived in Vancouver at 10:30 pm, which was basically the next day in Monterrey.

I’m staying at my cousin’s house (she and her husband are the best) before I move in to the university’s residences on Monday. She lives a little bit far from downtown, but omg the view is amazing! I got up really early, so I got to watch the most amazing sunrise in  the river, my cousin’s literal backyard.

I got some tamales for breakfast and watched the news so I could make time before going to downtown, as I didn’t want to go very early in the morning. Also I had to do a little research on Canadian currency to make sure I knew which coin was which. I needed to pay in exact cash the 2.75 bus fare in order to get to Marine Drive Skytrain Station and get a Compass Card ($6) and a Day Pass for public transportation ($9.75)

After that, I went to Café Medina, which is a popular café in Vancouver to which I had gone in Spring Break (and fallen in love with it). I got a granola, two of their famous belgian waffles and a Lavander Mocha Latté, that was about $24 with tip. The wait time was about 1hr 1/2, but as I was alone, I got a seat on the bar in about 5 minutes, the staff is great and the bartender that served me was awesome, he recommended the white chocolate pistachio-lavander topping for the waffles and it was great.


After Café Medina, I visited Vancouver Public Library which is just down the street, it makes me really happy that this city has an amazing library as it is not common in

The universe telling me something

Monterrey. To get a library card I have to go back with a proof of address and my student visa.  Then, I walked down the street and visited BC Place on the outside, before deciding to go to Gastown for a walk, as I was already in downtown and wanted to explore for a bit before coming back home.  I took a wrong turn looking for a street and found a graffiti which really struck me as an important sign. After that I basically wandered around Gastown, and walked all the way to Canada Place.

I must say that we were at like 1º C, but the sun was out and I only had to wear a big sweater and a thermal shirt underneath. It was even hot with all the walking around, so I hope next week that I’m at UBC the sun is out too.








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